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Information of BCA’s Product

Description Tahapan Tahapan Xpresi Tapres BCA Dollar
Definition Tabungan hari depan (Tahapan) is a saving with comfort and prizes.
Savings for creative, xpressive, dynamic, and exist youth.
Tabungan Prestasi (Tapres) is a saving with competitive interest rate
BCA Dollar saving in foreign currency (USD & SGD) with various benefits.
Benefits for you who wish for: Fun way to save Interest design card, practice without book.. Competitive interest and monthly current account delivered to your address Saving while investing
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Your monthly fee

Rp. 17.000

Rp. 15.000

Rp. 20.000
Rp. 5000

Rp. 17,000
Maintain average balance of over Rp.5 million to avoid penalty of Rp. 10,000

Initial Deposit Minimum initial deposit of Rp.500,000 Minimum for Initial deposit + card Rp.50,000 Minimum initial deposit of Rp. 5 million Minimum initial deposit: USD 100 or SGD 200
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Benefits available for you Enjoy the convenience of transacting via mobile phone (m-BCA) and Dekstop (KlikBCA)

Process of Completeing Account Opening Form via KlikBCA website

  1. The completion of the form via KlikBCA website is aimed to facilitate the Applicant in opening saving account at BCA Branch office. The Applicant is still required to visit BCA Branch Office to open the acount.
  2. After completing the form on KlikBCA website, the Applicant may open their account at the closest Branch Office of BCA.
  3. The Applicant must first read and understand the information on saving product available on the KlikBCA website prior to submitting account opening form at BCA Branch Office.
  4. The applicant shall bring the following documents when visiting BCA's Branch Office to open an accounts:
    1. Reference number of the form being completed;
    2. Valid identification such as ID Card / Passport;
    3. Receipt of renewal from relevant institutions (if the id card is still in the process of renewal);
    4. Letter of Domicile:
      • If the address stated in the ID Card of the Applicant is of different area from the area of the BCA Branch Office where the account will be opened; and
      • The Applicant does not have other documents supporting his/her identity or the name or the address stated in the said supporting documents is different with the address as stated in ID Card;
    5. Other supporting documents (if any) according to the provisions prevailing at BCA;
  5. For certain consideration, BCA shall reserve the right to decline account opening as requested by the Applicant.

For further information concerning the requirements to open a saving account with BCA, please contact the nearest Branch Office of BCA or contact Halo BCA at 1500888.

The Applicant hereby declares to have fully understand and aware of the information on saving products of BCA which will be opened and agree to comply with the terms and conditions on the accounts prevailing at BCA.



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