Submission of online loan application for KPR BCA (BCA’s Housing Loan)

Process of Completing KPR BCA loan application form via BCA website
  1. The completion of the form via BCA website is aimed to facilitate the Applicant in applying for housing loan at BCA Branch office. The Applicant is still required to visit BCA Branch Office to process the KPR loan application.
  2. After completing the form on the BCA website, the Applicant may process his/her KPR loan application at certain Branch Office of BCA
  3. The Applicant must first read and understand the information on BCA Housing Loan product available on BCA website prior to submitting KPR loan application at BCA Branch Office*.
  4. The applicant shall bring the following documents when visiting BCA Branch Office to apply for BCA Housing Loan:
    1. Reference number of the form being completed;
    2. Valid identification such as ID Card /Driver’s License/Passport;
    3. Receipt of renewal from relevant institutions (if the id card is still in the process of renewal);
    4. Other supporting documents (if any) according to the provisions prevailing at BCA;
  5. For certain consideration, BCA shall reserve the right to decline BCA Housing Loan application as requested by the Applicant.
*) Presently valid at KCU Jabodetabek, Surabaya dan Bandung only

For further information concerning the requirements to apply for BCA Housing Loan, please contact the nearest Branch Office of BCA or contact Halo BCA at 1500888.

The Applicant hereby declares to have fully understand and aware of the information on BCA Housing Loan products which will be opened and agree to comply with the terms and conditions on the accounts prevailing at BCA.



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